Woman Up Monthly is the ultimate destination for high-achieving women who are dedicated to achieving mastery in every aspect of their lives. WUM is a one stop resources on all things empowerment, confidence and connection.

Simplify Your Mind, Simplify Your Life.


Woman Up Monthly:

🧘🏽‍♀️ Simplify Your Life: We'll help you cut through the noise and prioritise what really matters, so you can focus on what you love and achieve your goals.

🧠 Master Your Mind: We'll show you how to take control of your thoughts and emotions, so you can build unshakable confidence and self-belief.

⏰ Time-Poor? No problem: Our bite-sized, actionable tips and strategies fit seamlessly into your busy schedule, so you can achieve more in less time.

πŸ’» Comprehensive Resources: Our comprehensive library of trainings, resources, and meditations covers everything from relationships to money mindset to wellness and purpose, so you can achieve holistic success.


Join WUM and discover the tools and resources hundreds of women have used to simplify their minds and simplify their life.

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How WUM helps busy & overwhelmed women put themselves first:


Personal development without the overwhelm πŸ‘ΈπŸ½

There's one thing being a busy woman (Mom/ Biz-Owner/Career Driven or FT online-shopper 😬), and then another being a busy woman who wants to also develop her mindset, energy & relationships, right?

Here inside Woman Up Monthly Membership, we understand that sometimes your personal development & self care rituals get put on the back burner 😬 But they don't have to. Luckily, we have the solution for you babe -

A cozy, safe community of materials (think all things mindset/ $$$/ relationships/ online-biz & spirituality) that give you bite-sized straight-to-the-point knowledge nuggets.


Because, we get it, you're busy...



❌ No more watching hours of Youtube for the answer to "how do I change my mindset" be answered in 78 different ways, so now you're too flustered to even get started.

❌ And no more reading a 200+ paged book on "manifesting secrets" to find out the secret is 25 steps long and you've lost motivation by the end...

It's all about a simplified, inspired learning experience inside of your membership.

*Monthly* Video Trainings & Workbooks

Straight-forward knowledge bombs on mindset, manifestation, wellness, relationships and abundance.

Jess sorts through all of the fluff out there on the internet and delivers the best quality content on everything to up-level your personal development as a woman.

*Monthly* Guided Visualisation Meditations

Bite-sized visualisations perfect for any AM or PM ritual.

Exclusive, calming meditations that will transform your subconscious mind and thought patterns.

WUM Private Community

A private community for all up-levelling updates, mood-boards & masterminding.

An amazing community of like-minded women experiencing life as you are.

Empowerment Challenges

Easy to digest challenges to seamlessly use in your life.

The challenges are designed to up-level your self-confidence, shift your unhelpful mindset and boost your energy levels day-to-day.



Get instant access to:

  • High-end video trainings (learn and be guided)
  • Fun, thought-provoking workbooks (a timeless resource)
  • Bi-Monthly Group Coaching Calls (let's dive deep & workshop on your struggles!) *start mid 2023
  • The WUM Community 
  • Guided meditations (let’s make meditating fun and not a chore!)
  • Challenges (to set your life up for success in relationships, confidence & abundance)
  • Mobile App for easy access

How to know if Woman Up Monthly is the membership for you:

  • You want to spend more time focusing on what yourself as a woman & how to harness your inner confidence. (This means you stop doubting yourself and abilities)

  • You've spent time consuming books, podcasts and maybe even other memberships but you're ready to learn ways to actually implement your knowledge (Learn how it's possible to step into "main character energy"!!)

  • You're ready for a mindset upgrade and to welcome in a shift at how you view the world. (Especially if you're stuck in the same subconscious limiting belief cycle)

  • Building your self-trust & confidence and not slipping into old ways is a priority for you. (Especially if you're experiencing a break-up or feeling disconnected from the people in your life)


"I feel safe and supported in this community"


"Jess is so generous with her knowledge and her content is so valuable - if you are feeling isolated or stuck or just need that extra bit of support, I highly recommend joining the WUM community."


"...So much value each month!! All for the growth!"

Get home from work & up-level your life in the comfort of your home, glass of red in one hand, a bowl of pasta in the other and the comfort of your bed.

It's really a high level mentorship for a low level cost.
At Woman Up Monthly we bridge the gap for us modern women to create the abundant & fulfilling lives we dream of, with a cosy combo of strategy & soul (without the thoughts of "omg I don't even know where to start so I'm not going to start at all!")